4.1 General questions

A quantitative analysis of the system of financing higher education in Ukraine, including the current system of distribution of budget funds between institutions of higher education. The necessity of adaptation of the formula of distribution of means between HEI of Ukraine to a real economic situation is proved.

An analysis of the possibility of raising funds from external stakeholders to finance educational and research work at universities.

The shortcomings of the current system of university financing and ways to eliminate them are substantiated.

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4.3 Financing of HEI from the general fund of the Budget of Ukraine

The approach to financing HEIs from the general fund of the Budget, introduced in 2020, is based on a mathematical model, the main parameters of which are given in the Cabinet of Ministers of December 24, 2019 No. 1146 «On the distribution of state budget expenditures between higher education scientific and international activities» (hereinafter – the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 46 1146) [42].