Circle of readers and scope of application

The research results presented in this monograph can be useful for graduate students and
teachers whose research interests are at the intersection of pedagogy, psychology and economics.

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2.1 Quantitative analysis of vacancies by specialties and educational programs in the regional labor market

The section provides a quantitative analysis of the labor market in terms of groups of specialties and educational programs. A quantitative assessment of the compliance of the popularity of entrants in specialties and educational programs to the demands of the labor market.

A quantitative analysis of employers’ requirements for candidates for a job, the availability of higher education and work experience. The demand of employers for soft Skills job seekers and professional competencies in terms of specialty groups is estimated by employers. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the structure of the labor market has been studied.

Clustering of specialties and educational programs according to the criterion of similarity of demand for personal and professional competencies.

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3.1 Defining the emotional and intellectual portrait of students

The section presents an analysis of cognitive and emotional characteristics of students and their impact on learning outcomes at the university. The advantages and disadvantages of the functioning of the system of external independent evaluation of learning outcomes (EIE) in Ukraine are formulated.

The possibilities of using the psychological characteristics of entrants, the scores of their external evaluation certificates to assess future learning outcomes and to assess career prospects after graduation have been explored.

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3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

Emotional intelligence, of course, plays an important role in the formation of personality, both at the stage of learning and further professional activity. However, underestimating the role of cognitive abilities will be a significant error. The natural abilities possessed by a person should be a reference point at the stage of early career guidance. Some areas of professional activity require special abilities, without which it is impossible to achieve career success.

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4.3 Financing of HEI from the general fund of the Budget of Ukraine

The approach to financing HEIs from the general fund of the Budget, introduced in 2020, is based on a mathematical model, the main parameters of which are given in the Cabinet of Ministers of December 24, 2019 No. 1146 «On the distribution of state budget expenditures between higher education scientific and international activities» (hereinafter – the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 46 1146) [42].