The processes of progressive globalization and the emergence of the information society characterize the socio-economic transformations of the late XX – early XXI century. They necessitate a change in the paradigm of the higher education system, search for new approaches, technologies, methods of organizing the educational process, criteria for selection of scientific and pedagogical staff forms the basis of innovative autonomous activities of higher education institutions (HEIs), which provides a flexible funding system.

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2.3 Clustering of groups of specialties and educational programs according to the criterion of similarity of required competencies

Component 4, these are employed professionals, including the self-employed, but who are trying on vacancies in the labor market. They are described as Pi{a, b, c, d, e, f}.

It is important for employed professionals to understand the professional and personal competencies required in job advertisements. These specialists are already employed, so it is important for them not just to find a job, but to improve their material support and find more opportunities for self-expression of the already acquired personal and professional competencies. In this context, it is important to cluster specialties, educational programs on the basis of common competencies. No less important is the interpretation of the content of competencies that describe a vacancy in the ads.

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3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

Emotional intelligence, of course, plays an important role in the formation of personality, both at the stage of learning and further professional activity. However, underestimating the role of cognitive abilities will be a significant error. The natural abilities possessed by a person should be a reference point at the stage of early career guidance. Some areas of professional activity require special abilities, without which it is impossible to achieve career success.

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