Проблеми підготовки компетентних економістів та менеджерів в Україні

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The features of this monograph is to use:

  • single conceptual-terminological apparatus to the definition of every element;
  • methods of mathematical statistics to assess the objective assessment of learning outcomes;
  • taxonomic integral indicator to assess the attractiveness of national universities;
  • new information technologies for intensifying the learning process;
  • new approaches in the analysis of common problems of secondary and higher education.  – an innovative project to support scientific work Ponomarenko Vladimir Stepanovich  of research, analysis and development of Ukrainian education system.

The monograph, based on the analysis of statistical data, establishes the wave-like nature of changes in the demographic situation and its periodization in Ukraine. The dependence of the birth rate on changes in GDP is formalized. An assessment of the volume of the educational market and forecasting changes in the contingent of applicants for secondary and higher education are evaluated.

A quantitative analysis of the labor market in terms of groups of specialties and educational programs, and a quantitative assessment of the compliance of the popularity of entrants in specialties
and educational programs to the demands of the labor market are conducted.

It is conducted a quantitative analysis of employers’ requirements for candidates for a job, the availability of higher education and work experience. The demand of employers for soft skills job
seekers and professional competencies in terms of specialty groups are estimated. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the structure of the labor market is studied.

The clustering of specialties and educational programs by the criterion of similarity of demand for personal and professional competencies is conducted. The achievements and shortcomings of the functioning of the system of external independent evaluation (EIE) of learning outcomes in Ukraine are formulated.

The possibilities of using the psychological characteristics of entrants, the scores of their EIE certificates to assess future learning outcomes and to assess career prospects after graduation are researched.

A quantitative analysis of the system of financing higher education in Ukraine, including the current system of distribution of budget funds between of higher education institutions is conducted. The shortcomings of the current system and ways to eliminate them are substantiated.

The author is sincerely grateful to colleagues for their help in preparing the materials of the monograph:

  • Doctor of Technical Sciences O. Milov for appropriate remarks on certain sections of the monograph;
  • Doctor of Economic Sciences L. Malyarets for assistance in processing statistical data;
  • Doctor of Economic Sciences V. Tishchenko for assistance in the analysis of the regulatory framework for the taxation of business entities;
  • PhD of Pedagogical Sciences G. Polyakova for organizing the survey of students;
  • PhD of Economic Sciences S. Golubev for assistance in statistical processing of data on the labor market and psychological characteristics of students.