4.3 Financing of HEI from the general fund of the Budget of Ukraine

However, the positive is at least the fact that in one way or another take into account the different size of labor intensity in the training of specialists in different specialties. In the system that functioned until 2020, the difference in funding the training of specialists in various specialties was determined almost exclusively through the salaries of scientific and pedagogical staff, according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 17, 2002 No. 1134 «On approval of standards for students (cadets) graduate students (adjuncts), doctoral students, candidates for the degree of candidate of sciences, students, interns, clinical residents for one full-time position of research and teaching staff in higher educational institutions of III and IV level of accreditation and higher educational institutions of postgraduate education of state ownership» [43].

Doubts of the academic community about the correctness of both the list and the quantitative assessment of indicators are substantiated: Si – scale of activity; RSi – indicator of regional support; SCi – indicator of scientific activity; IRi – indicator of international recognition; LEGi – employment rate of graduates. They objectively do not sufficiently characterize the quality of either scientific or educational activities of the HEI. The developers did not pay attention to the extremely important educational component of the free economic activity, which largely shapes the emotional intelligence of the student, his/her cultural level. The system of indicators and proposals for its improvement will be considered in more detail later.

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