4.3 Financing of HEI from the general fund of the Budget of Ukraine

This approach is based on the idea of basic funding through the distribution of funds allocated in the budget for the relevant programs between the HEIs. Therefore, they do calculate not the cost of training specialists, but redistribute funds, which have already been allocated. Thus, the issue of adequacy of funds to ensure quality training of specialists with higher education is not even considered.

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1146 takes into account the amount of funding of the previous year as a fund for stable activities of the HEI and allocates some part resources to stimulate those HEIs that train specialists needed by Ukraine.

Consider the action of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1146 on the example of its application in 2020. The amount of funding for stable activities of HEIs – in 2020 is 80 % of funding for 2019. According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1146 each year discretion.

If it is left at the level of 80 %, then those HEIs that received less than 100 % of the amount of funding provided in the current year, depending on the results of activities, will receive 80 % of the reduced amount next year. Thus, each subsequent year, these HEIs will have a regressive (reduced compared to the previous year) amount of financing for stable activities. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the list of these HEIs and decide whether to eliminate them. Because many of them are successful and need Ukraine free socially, and their trouble is that they can not show a decent result within the indices of specialties, adopted, by the way, without economic justification, and performance indicators selected for a narrow range of HEIs also without economic justification. Although the formula provides for the possibility of limiting the reduction or increase of the total funding of stable activities and the funding provided, depending on the performance of the HEI with the help of the appropriate coefficient set by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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