4.3.2 Justification of the list and size of indicators from the formula for the distribution of budget funds

Given the importance of stimulating the scientific and pedagogical staff of the HEI to scientific activity, it would be logical to determine the indicator of scientific activity by the example of the scale indicator.

For example, for HEIs that have revenues to the special fund based on the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities under international cooperation projects and economic agreements, reduced to the number of scientific and pedagogical workers from 0 UAH to 500 UAH, provide Sci = 0.8; from UAH 500 to UAH 3,500 – Sci = 1.0; from UAH 3,501 to UAH 6,500 – Sci = 1.2; from UAH 6,501 to UAH 9,500 – Sci = 1.3; more than UAH 9,501 Sci = 1.4.

However, the system of accounting for the amount of research expenditures currently in use is unconvincing. Not all scientific and technical developments of scientists are in demand among businesses and especially in a socio-economic crisis. Moreover, the commercial implementation of developments in the field of basic sciences in general can be postponed indefinitely. However, all scientific and technical developments, of course, are useful for improving the content of relevant disciplines and for the formation of applicants’ skills in research, which provides high quality training for professionals with higher education.

In addition, specialists of different specialties have different opportunities in the market of scientific services. For example, within the framework of the road construction program, significant funds are allocated in the budget, which makes it possible to order scientific developments from universities on a contractual basis, while it is impossible to order such developments in the field of pedagogical sciences from government agencies!

Thus, it is almost impossible to take into account all aspects of scientific activity of a particular HEI, regardless of the specialties that are characteristic of it. In fact, in view of this, when considering the system of indexes of specialties, it is proposed to introduce an index of state support StS(s), just for the specialty, and not HEI in general.

Consider the compliance of this indicator with the requirements formulated earlier.

The first requirement is fulfilled in full.

Regarding the second requirement, it can be argued that it is partially fulfilled, because the more external financial revenues to the HEI, the more opportunities students have to participate in team research. Such participation ensures, among other things, the formation of a high level of emotional intelligence and, in particular, «soft competencies» or softskills.

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