4.3.2 Justification of the list and size of indicators from the formula for the distribution of budget funds

The first requirement is fully met by this indicator, as it is based on official data.

The second requirement is partially met, as indirectly high values of this indicator motivate foreign universities to cooperate with domestic HEIs, which provides our teachers and students with international academic mobility. Such mobility provides an increase in the professionalism of our teachers. It not only strengthens the professional competencies of students, but also increases their emotional intelligence, broadens their horizons.

The third requirement is also partially met, as it indirectly encourages external stakeholders to co-finance domestic higher education. Increases, in particular, the number of foreign students in domestic HEIs, which not only increases the size of the special fund of HEIs, but also provides investment in the country’s economy. This is understandable, because foreign students not only pay for their education. They actually invest in the catering system, leisure infrastructure and indirectly in the construction of housing through rent.

Thus, with the appropriate adjustment, this indicator really characterizes the efficiency of a particular HEI and can be part of an integrated performance indicator Ai of a certain HEI.

The indicator of the level of regional support of a certain institution of higher education RSi, which in the current Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of UkraineNo. 1146 is:

  • 1.0 – for higher education institutions located in Kyiv;
  • 1.03 – for higher education institutions located in Lviv and Kharkiv;– 1.07 – in other cases.

This indicator has no justification at all. Its meaning is clear – the state financial support of regional HEIs, because the larger the size of this indicator in a particular HEI, the more funds will be allocated from the general budget. Each HEI has several sources of funding in the educational part of its activities, among them, firstly, funding from the general fund of the budget and, secondly, payment for educational services that it provides to customers. Indeed, there is a real regional difference in the income of the population, which determines the regional level of solvency. Thus, regional HEIs have less opportunities to fill their special fund for, for example, HEIs of the city of Kyiv. Therefore, the introduction of a regional support indicator seems necessary.

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