4.3.2 Justification of the list and size of indicators from the formula for the distribution of budget funds

Let’s consider in more detail each of the indicators that form the performance indicator of a particular HEI. First of all, it should be emphasized that the purpose of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1146 is not to determine the cost of training specialists with higher education, but only the distribution of the already determined amount between HEIs. Thus, it is a question of a relative estimation of activity of certain HEI concerning others. This integrated indicator (Ai) should be based on indicators that allow to assess the advantages of a particular HEI over others and to indicate to management the directions for improving the functioning of HEIs.

One of the main requirements for the list of such indicators is the ability to determine its size for each HEI on the basis of objective data from official reports, rather than from the results of self-assessment. This is the first requirement.

The second requirement should be the possibility of a comprehensive assessment of both educational and scientific activities, and educational activities of the HEI. This is important because, according to the principles of MagnaChartaUniversitatum, HEI should be not only a scientific and educational, but also a cultural center in society.

Finally, the third requirement. The system of these indicators should take into account the assessment of a particular HEI by external stakeholders or customers of educational services. Their high appreciation of a particular HEI ensures its co-financing from both employers and students and their parents. This is a significant help to the state in financing higher education. Of course, the interests of the state also include obtaining funding for higher education from foreign investors.

All financial revenues to the HEI from external stakeholders are economically and actually beneficial to the state as a whole, as they provide an opportunity to improve the material base of higher education. This ultimately improves the quality of training for professionals with higher education.

Consider each indicator of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1146, taking into account the previously formulated requirements for indicators.

Indicator of the level of scale of a certain institution of higher education [18], which establish, depending on the actual number of applicants for higher education by state order in such institution, as of October 1 of the previous calendar year, according to official reports.

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