4.3.1 Justification of the size of indices in the formula of distribution of budgetary funds

Thus, this index does not take into account the ratio of relative labor and cost costs in the process of training one specialist during the year for the state order for all specialties. It is possible that the developers of this resolution when setting the size of the index tried to combine economic and political essence in one index. This approach is not acceptable, as it is not positively perceived by the university community, because it is not clear where the economic justification ends and the political one begins.

Therefore, it is proposed to introduce an index of state support for the specialty StSs, the size of which is determined by the priorities of the Government of Ukraine for next year and may vary from 1 to 2. Due to its size and the volume of the state order for this specialty, the state implements its policy on training with higher education.

As for the index IS, itself, its size should be economically justified and determine the relative  complexity              and          cost of training one specialist for one year in each specialty. Hereinafter, the term «specialty» means the position in the annex to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1146, which gives the meaning IS.

The classical approach to solving this problem involves calculating the cost of training one specialist in a particular specialty, followed by determining its relationship with the cost of training a specialist in another specialty in the HEI of Ukraine and bringing these ratios to a predetermined interval with a certain scanning step.

This problem in general does not have a single solution due to its multidimensionality in various aspects:

  • regional;
  • size of the HEI;
  • a large number of related specialties in the HEI;
  • different sizes of the current infrastructure in each HEI.

Therefore, to solve the problem, it is necessary to introduce some simplifications that do not significantly affect the size IS.

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