4.3.1 Justification of the size of indices in the formula of distribution of budgetary funds

To calculate the index of the form of education, this indicator must be correlated with the relative need for staff for four years of bachelor’s degree:

Note that for distance learning, the actual volume of students is much smaller than full-time, respectively, it is necessary to make adjustments to this calculation, assuming the presence of at least two lecture streams (M = 2). Then we get the following:

Thus, we propose to set the value of the index of the form of education for distance and distance form at the level of 0.8 (IF = 0.8). In the current version of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1146, this index was equal to 0.3, which significantly underestimated the overall size of the estimated contingent of a certain HEI.

It should also be noted that quality training by correspondence (distance) form of education requires the development of quality learning management systems (LMS). Given the significant percentage of hours that belong to independent work, the creation of such knowledge management systems and the content of their content is a significant burden on the teacher. This complexity is another reason for increasing the value of the index of the form of education.


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