4.3.1 Justification of the size of indices in the formula of distribution of budgetary funds

Regarding the cost component of staffing quality postgraduate training, it is necessary to take into account the need to attract more qualified teachers than for bachelors, usually most of them are doctors of sciences, professors. In general, this means a higher salary due to standard allowances for the degree of Doctor of Sciences 33 % and the academic title of Professor 25 %. Taking into account all allowances, teachers’ salaries for the educational and scientific level should be on average about 35 % higher than for teachers for the bachelor’s level:

Thus, taking into account the salaries of teachers, the index of the third level of higher education, taking into account only the educational component, should be approximately equal to 2.

Consider the complexity and cost of the scientific component of training a specialist in the educational and scientific level of higher education.

According to item 24 of the Order of preparation of applicants for higher education of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science in higher education institutions, 50 academic hours of academic workload are allocated to the research supervisor annually for scientific supervision of work on the dissertation of one graduate student (adjunct). Under the conditions of training of 100 applicants for higher education of the third educational and scientific level, the annual total cost is 5,000 hours. Since the term of study is 4 years – we get 20,000 hours. Here we will focus on the maximum study load of 600 hours defined by the Law of Ukraine «On Higher Education». Accordingly, the value of the RNS indicator to ensure the scientific component of postgraduate training should be 33.3 (20,000/600 = 33.33). Let’s make the appropriate adjustment of the previously defined calculation of the index Il for the third level by adding a scientific component:

Since applicants for the third level of higher education are expelled from graduate school after passing a professional seminar, the scientific component can be limited to three years of training. Then there will be 15,000 hours per 100 people (RNS = 15,000/600 = 25). Given this adjustment we get:

Thus, the reasonable value of the education level index for the third level of higher education should be 5.1, in contrast to the current version of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1146, in which Il = 0.8.

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