4.3.1 Justification of the size of indices in the formula of distribution of budgetary funds

First, we will consistently consider the validity of the size of the indices, which actually form the most important component of the indicator of activity of the HEI and is called the «estimated contingent».

IS – specialty index. This index should take into account the relative complexity and cost of training one specialist for one year. It ranges from 1 for the specialty, the training of which is the least time-consuming and least expensive, to 3 for the specialty, the training of which is the most time-consuming and costly. Thus, the larger the index of the specialty, the larger the estimated contingent of applicants and the higher the performance of the HEI, which means that the more funds will be allocated from the general fund for the training of one specialist next year.

Of course, from the economic point of view, the specific values of this index should be calculated as the ratio of the cost of training a specialist in one specialty to the corresponding cost in another, but in the process of preparing the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1146 such calculations were not made. In any case, they are not publicly available.

Their absence led to completely unfounded decisions. For example, the relative complexity and cost of primary school teacher training is estimated at 1.2, while journalist training is 1. Although it is clear that in addition to the material and labor costs required to train a primary school teacher, at least additional training is required to train a journalist, photo studio and TV studio with appropriate photo, video and computer equipment, the maintenance of which requires both material and labor costs. Without them, it is impossible to form the necessary professional competencies in applicants. Despite this, less money will be allocated from the general fund of the budget next year for the training of one journalist than for the training of a primary school teacher.

By the way, the same situation with the specialties «marketing», «economics», «hotel and restaurant business» and «management», for which the index is one, although for the formation of the necessary professional competencies of applicants for these specialties are absolutely necessary laboratories of modern technologies, industries and costly special software for computers with relevant characteristics. However, within the framework of the state order, less funds will be allocated from the general fund for specialists in these specialties than for the training of primary school teachers.

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