4.1 General questions

The classification of universities according to the percentage of the special fund, which is allocated not for food, but for maintenance and development, gives a different picture. The group of universities that spend from 0 to 15.1 % on maintenance and development is 14 units.

Universities that spend 15.2 % or more on maintenance and development also make up a group of 14 units (Table 4.2).

Of the half of the selected HEIs, which had reporting data on their websites, UAH 1,602,000 was allocated for the maintenance and development of each student-contractor. While the second half was actively developing and allocated 7,544 thousand UAH for each student-contractor. This difference demonstrates the radically different approaches of the management of each specific HEI to its strategic development.

A specific analysis of the real situation in the use of special funds of universities showed that not everyone uses them effectively. There are several publications in the literature that offer different algorithms for increasing the economic potential of HEI.

«It has been concluded that investing in increasing the economic potential of university contri butes to the improvement of its individual elements due to the possibility of implementing measures. They are aimed at effective interaction with stakeholders, raising the level of human capital through the implementation of training and development programs for personnel; financing of innovation activity, educational, scientific and social programs; informatization of educational process, scientific, scientific and technical activity and management; alignment with the strategic priorities of the organizational structure, technology and management system of university. Solving the problem of optimal allocation of available investment resources with the use of the proposed EMM will contribute to the growth of the economic potential of university, its financial stability and independence, and the ability to operate autonomously in the future [40]».

In addition, the paper [41] proposes to allocate several funds to strengthen scientific capacity and publishing activity. «Our research has shown the determining factors of the effectiveness of pedagogical activity in higher education in Ukraine are the factors of scientific potential and publication activity. It seems advisable to include in mentioned regulatory acts the thesis about the separation of all financial resources allocated for higher education in Ukraine into three trusted funds: General Financing Facility for Higher Education Institutions; Higher Education Developmental Fund; The social funding in higher education, where all expenses will be accumulated financing to scholarships and other social support guaranteed by the state».

As a preliminary conclusion, it can be stated that the problem of higher education development in Ukraine is not only insufficient funding, its structure and dispersion of public procurement, but also insufficient efficiency of HEI management.

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