3.3 The problem of selection for training in the HEI and the implementation of the state order

The strategic state order can be organized in the form of grants, which are provided on a competitive basis to ensure the implementation of the relevant state project. The competition is open to entrants who have scored at least 190 points in the external academic disciplines. Contestants take an exam in specialized subjects and pass a professional interview. The winners sign an agreement outlining the responsibilities of both the grantee and the state. The conditions provided by the state must take into account all the previously mentioned motivational aspects for a strategic public procurement.

The implementation of such an approach will allow launching self-organization mechanisms in the «parents, students, school» system to select the best students and teachers to prepare for admission to specialties related to the strategic needs of Ukraine, and prepare the necessary specialists for state building.

As for the state order for specialties that meet the socio-economic needs of the state, it can be significantly reduced. In addition, it is necessary to significantly improve the mechanism of distribution of the state order between the HEIs. According to preliminary calculations, the fact of distribution in 2019–2020 is inefficient.

The analysis of data on the number of enrolled students in the Unified State Electronic Database on Education (USEDE) shows a significant shortcoming of the system of distribution of public procurement between the HEIs, which actually discredits the country’s engineering education: – 2019 year: 734+723 = 1,457/8,926 = 16.3 %; – 2020 year: 621+778 = 1,399/8,737 = 16.0 %.

Eleven such specialties were selected for analysis, which provide for a strong material and technical base for the training of quality professionals. Lack of funding has led to a state of special laboratories for training, which in no way meets modern requirements. A significant amount of funds from the general budget fund is required to significantly upgrade laboratory equipment. However, in the conditions of a phenomenal dispersion of the state order for the training of bachelors in technical specialties through an excessive network of HEIs, a real update of the laboratory base of all HEIs is objectively impossible.

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