3.3 The problem of selection for training in the HEI and the implementation of the state order

In the work [18] methods of mathematical statistics conducted a detailed analysis of the scores of certificates of external evaluation in mathematics and Ukrainian language and literature from 2008 to 2019 in Ukraine as a whole and by region.

The analysis of test results is based on the hypothesis that the student’s ability to learn and use knowledge within a discipline is a stochastic quantity, which is formed under the influence of many different factors and therefore characterized by a normal distribution law. In general, any stochastic quantity that is formed under the influence of many multidirectional factors and does not have in its formation the purposeful influence of any deterministic factor, is distributed according to the normal law.

That is, it can be argued that if there is no external targeted intervention in the process of assessing students’ ability to acquire and use knowledge, the grades obtained by students in the testing process should be distributed according to normal law.

Thus, the data of certificates in 2008–2009 are in some sense basic. This is the first two years when the introductory campaign throughout Ukraine was conducted on the basis of an external independent evaluation (EIE). These are the most significant results of the EIE, as in these years the vast majority of entrants and HEIs were on an equal footing in relation to the accrual of points in the certificates. The level of training in high school is taken as basic. It will count down.

It is important to note that until 2008, the issue of admission to the HEIs was not clearly linked to the quality of the applicant’s training, as it was possible to resolve it administratively, organizationally or financially.

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