3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

The results of the study on the subtest «Arithmetic problems»: most students (45.8 %) showed high results, 17.1 % of students – «Above the norm», 12.8 % of students – «Norm», 10.0 % of students – «Below the norm» and 14.2 % of students – low (Fig. 3.14).

The results show that most students have a high level of arithmetic skills, i.e. the ability to quickly perform calculations «in the mind», to use algorithmic calculation procedures, analytical skills and practical mathematical thinking. It should be noted that slightly lower values of low results. That is, there is a clear distinction between students who easily cope with mathematical problems and those for whom they cause significant difficulties.

The results of the study on the subtest «Numerical series»: 31.4 % of students showed high results, 15.7 % of students – «Above the norm» and 17.6 % – «Norm», 17.1 % – «Below the norm» and 18.2 % – low (Fig. 3.15).

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