3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

Given the wide range of specialties for which the university trains specialists, it makes sense to consider the student community in terms of IQ components.

The study was conducted in first-year students in 2018 using a test of the structure of intelligence R. Amthauer. The total number of respondents was 864 people: 69.8 % of them were girls and 30.2 % were boys [23].

The results of the study on the subtest «Supplement proposals» show the following: 49.7 % of university students showed high results, 24.2 % of students – above normal, 17.5 % – normal, 6.7 % – below normal, 2.0 % – low (Fig. 3.10).

The obtained results indicate that most students have a high level of inductive – linguistic thinking, a wide vocabulary, a relatively high level of awareness in life and science.

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