3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

If we consider the level of secondary education in general in Ukraine, we must state a decrease in learning outcomes in the assessment of foreign institutions. The author’s monograph [18] summarizes the estimates of international measurements in the framework of two projects TIMSS and PISA. The deviations of the average scores of our children from the average scores of peers from other countries were considered, although the list of countries that participated in these two projects does not fully coincide. The data are given in Table 3.5 [18].

«Thus, the results of the evaluation of the quality of Ukraine’s education system by international organizations within the TIMSS and PISA projects do not provide any strong arguments to hypothesize that the country has conditions for faster growth of population intelligence measured by tests like Amthauer compared to other countries» [18].

Thus, the growth of the average integral value of IQ of first-year students indicates an increase in the attractiveness of the university for young people with high cognitive abilities.

The growth of the average IQ is accompanied by a significant improvement in the structure of the contingent of freshmen (Table 3.4). The percentage of students in the first cluster with lower than average IQ scores decreased by almost 30 % from 2010 to 2018. While clusters of students with medium and high IQ values increased from 67 % to 95 %. Moreover, the average score of the third cluster (higher scores) increased by more than 23 points. In 2010, the cluster with relatively higher scores had an average score of 109.68 (36.43 % of students), and in 2018 it already had 133 points (37.1 % of students).

The fact that 37.1 % of students have an average IQ of 133 points shows the strong potential of our students for successful study and subsequent professional careers. Although, as shown above, cognitive abilities do not guarantee high performance in education or in professional life.

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