3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

The influence of the components of cognitive-intellectual, emotional-intellectual portraits of individuals and their creative potential on the success of university studies is further investigated.

In general, the ability to learn can be assessed as the speed and quality of assimilation by a particular individual of a certain amount of knowledge, skills and abilities. In real life, it is important to assess the ability to learn personality both in a certain range of fields of knowledge and specialties, within which professional competencies are formed, and in the field of interpersonal relationships.

In HEI, as a rule, in the best case, the quality of performance of this or that professionally- oriented task is estimated, in the worst case – the quality of translation or, in general, reproduction of educational material is estimated. Assessing the success of the formation of professional and personal competencies of each student in the process of studying at the university in each discipline is decided individually, they are a separate problem. Issues of assessment of learning outcomes are widely discussed in the scientific literature.

For example, in the article [30] the works of Ukrainian and foreign authors who have devoted their research to the study of control and evaluation of student learning outcomes are analyzed; coverage of the principles of formative assessment and features of the formation of distance learning assessment tasks.

Particular attention is paid to the development of the author’s methodology for assessing academic achievement. The content of Bloom’s taxonomy levels is discussed, as well as the explanation of the types of activities for the system of evaluation of the results of practical tasks in the discipline «Algorithmization and programming».

Discussion of different approaches and methods of assessing learning outcomes is not the subject of this paper. Therefore, for the quantitative evaluation of learning outcomes in this study adopted an evaluation system used at the university. This is a cumulative 100-point system. The ave rage final session scores of each student during the first three courses of study (SS) were used.

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