3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

The study of the student community aimed to assess the possibility of predicting the success of training and professional work at the stage of early career guidance. The first important learning outcomes for students are External independent evaluation. This began to play a particularly significant role in the life of each student, when a competitive score is formed on the scores of the external evaluation certificates when entering the external evaluation (since 2008).

Thus, assessing the impact of personality characteristics on the number of points of external evaluation certificates in the Ukrainian language and literature and mathematics is the first step to justify the possibility of these forecasts.

The integral values of IQ and EI of each individual are considered without taking into account the structure of their cognitive-intellectual, emotional-intellectual portraits and creative potential.

The first results were presented in the author’s monograph [29]. At the university, regardless of the faculties at that time (2009–2011), the coefficient of intellectual development of students’ IQ had a correlation coefficient of 0.42 with points of certificates in Ukrainian language and literature and 0.412 – with points of certificates in mathematics. Regarding the value of EI and the level of creativity, they had correlation coefficients that were not statistically significant with the scores of certificates in the Ukrainian language and literature and the scores of certificates in mathematics.

The results of research in 2016–2019 gave the following results.

Applicants with a different set of external evaluation certificates entered the university. External examinations in mathematics were not required for some specialties. They could be replaced by certificates either from a foreign language or from the history of Ukraine. The paper [18] examined a sample of 550 people who studied at the university using the certificate of external examination in mathematics (main group), the correlation coefficient between the number of points of this certificate and is equal to 0.4223. This value indicates a positive correlation between these values. This means that the higher the university student’s rate of intellectual development, the more it has points in the external examination in mathematics. This result corresponds to the size of the correlation coefficient obtained in the studies of 2010–2011 (0.412).

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