3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

According to Fig. 3.21 assessment of creativity (originality) of university students is at the average level («Norm» – 42.2 %), slightly shifted to the bottom (grades «Below the norm» – 31.3 %, «Above the norm» – only 18.2 %).

Thus, first-year students add to their cognitive-intellectual and emotional-intellectual portraits an extremely high level of creativity in the subtest «flexibility». Grades: «High level» and «Above normal» received 90.7 % of our first-year students. However, according to the subtest, the «originality» of the assessment is much lower. Only 19.6 % of students received grades «High» and «Above normal». These indicators do not reduce the potential of university students, as the regulatory requirements for specialists in our university do not require a high level of originality. Such requirements are usually inherent in art specialties.

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