3.2 Definition of cognitive-intellectual and creative portrait of a student

Flexibility of thinking – is revealed in the ability to be free from accepted stereotypes and ways to solve problems of any content and level, quickly change their actions when the situation changes, quickly switch from one way of solving behavior to another, to diversify attempts to solve a problem or task and thus find new ways to solve them faster. Flexibility is determined by the number of different categories of answers, to determine which can be used as the pictures themselves and their names (which sometimes does not match).

Originality of thinking is a manifestation of a high level of creative abilities, which indicates non-standard thinking and deviation from the conventional.

According to the subtest creativity (flexibility) the following results were obtained: – flexibility – 8.1 points (out of 10 maximum points); – originality – 9.4 points (out of 20 maximum).

As can be seen in Fig. 3.20 assessment of creativity (flexibility) of students is quite high («High level» – 49.3 %, «Above the norm» – 41.4 %).

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