3.1 Defining the emotional and intellectual portrait of students

An extremely high percentage of first-year students with a critically low level of ability to control their emotions confirms the hypothesis of the devastating impact of a rapid reduction in children’s contact time through its replacement by contact on social networks.

Therefore, in the educational component of the educational process at the university it is necessary to include in training exercises to develop the ability to manage their emotions. This is especially effective in business games that involve teamwork.

The percentage of students with high and medium grades should be significantly increased by the fourth year, which can provide our bachelors with a strong emotional basis for a successful career.

3. Self-motivation. The value of this component of EI is difficult to overestimate for any purpose. The ability of a person to encourage itself, to form his own stimulus, to adjust itself to hard work and to a successful result plays a crucial role in achieving it. Optimism is a prognostic factor for both successful learning and successful work. Thus, this component of EI has two sides. On the one hand, it is optimism and hope for success, and on the other hand, it is the ability to develop a specific plan to achieve results and adjust yourself to make efforts to implement this plan. The pinnacle of self-motivation to study or do a specific job is inspiration. Great masters in various fields of science and art are able to use inspiration in their work.

The research results are presented in Table 3.1 and diagrams Fig. 3.3.

Unfortunately, our freshmen have not developed this ability enough. Although the percentage of students with high self-motivation scores is almost four times higher than the previous component of EI – «Managing your emotions». This percentage ranges from 13.4 % to 22 % and tends to increase from 15.4 % in 2017 to 22 % in 2021. See Table 3.1 and diagrams Fig. 3.3.

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