3.1 Defining the emotional and intellectual portrait of students

The results of the study in the 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 academic years are presented in Table 3.1.

The percentage of first-year students with high grades of emotional awareness in these years ranged from 17.6 % to 26 %, which confirms the insufficient level of development of first-year students in this component of EI, but from year to year there is an increase in the number of students with such grades.

Critically low development of this component of EI (Table 3.1 and diagrams Fig. 3.1) is characteristic of 8–7.2 % of students, which almost corresponds to the percentage of students who do not plan to work after graduation and those with higher education not required according to the survey [23].

The formation of a high level of emotional awareness is the first and very important step towards the realization of the next component of emotional intelligence «Managing your emotions».

2. Manage        your         emotions. Studies have shown that «our brains are built in such a way that we are often unable to control either when we are overwhelmed by emotions or what those emotions will be. However, we have some control over how long we feel these emotions» [21].

It is impossible and harmful to eliminate all emotions, but it is necessary to control strong emotions so that they are comparable in time and volume with the circumstances that caused them. The reaction of a mentally healthy person to certain challenges must be controlled and adequate to him. In general, the ratio of positive and negative emotions creates conditions for productive work in order to implement their own plans. The ability to master their emotions has a positive effect on all mental abilities, provides their synergistic interaction to achieve goals.

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