2.2 Evaluation of the popularity of groups of specialties and educational programs

The most significant changes concern the educational program «business economics» for which the percentage of applications in total decreased from 11.52 % to 2.4 %. This reduction corresponds to the dynamics of the number of vacancies in this educational program and is due to the consequences of the pandemic. In line with the impact of the pandemic, there is also a reduction in the share of applications in the range of 1–2 % in the following specialties and educational programs «management», «accounting and auditing», «personnel management», «banking».

The share of applications for the group of specialties «information technology» has significantly increased from 10.03 % in 2017–2019 to 15.5 % in 2020–2021. The share of applications for international and legal specialties has increased (Table 2.9, columns 3.5). Changes in the popularity of specialties during the pandemic period, which is characterized by a change in the structure of applications of applicants, generally correspond to changes in the structure of vacancies.

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