2.2 Evaluation of the popularity of groups of specialties and educational programs

At first glance, in 2021 the share of vacancies in the specialty «management» decreased significantly. Indeed, the share of such vacancies in 2021 is 20.3 %, while in 2017–2018 their share was 36.7 %. However, if we take into account the fact that in 2017, 2018, university scientists did not consider vacancies in the specialty «entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities», this difference will not be so impressive. The fact is that the ads do not directly indicate the specialty and therefore, most of the vacancies in this specialty were attributed to the «management».

Really significant changes in the structure of the labor market are taking place in the educational programs «business economics» and «economic cybernetics, applied statistics». Under these educational programs, the share of the number of vacancies decreased by about 4 %. Reduction in the number of vacancies by weight in the range of 1–2 % percent also occurs in educational programs «accounting and auditing», «logistics», «banking».

An increase in the number of vacancies by weight in the range of 1–2 % percent is observed in the following groups of educational programs «information technology», «marketing, advertising and PR, media communication», «legal regulation of the economy».

The growth in the number of vacancies in the specialties «tourism, hotel and restaurant business» is not significant, because until 2019 the calculation of vacancies was carried out only in the specialty «tourism» and only from 2020 the university began to recruit applicants for the specialty «hotel and restaurant business» and began to count relevant vacancies.

In general, the change in the structure of vacancies corresponds to the logic of the impact of pandemics on the development of the country’s economy. Indeed, quarantine and, especially, lockdown, on the one hand, slowed down the development of enterprises, and on the other hand stimulated the development of IT business, marketing, advertising and PR – technology, media communications, legal services.

The next step, by logic, is to study the impact of the pandemic on demand for certain specialties from applicants. First of all, we will analyze the changes in the structure of the number of applications of university entrants, respectively, groups of specialties and educational programs in 2020, 2021 in relation to the average values in 2017–2019 (columns 3.5 of Table 2.9).

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