2.2 Evaluation of the popularity of groups of specialties and educational programs

At the present stage of development of society in Ukraine, decision-making when choosing a specialty, educational program is not based on the criterion of «price – quality», or «labor market requirements», and a virtual opportunity to express themselves or show others their virtual success.

The desire of the entrant and his/her parents to express themselves, to become more significant in the eyes of others today must be taken into account when conducting career guidance work, forming the image of the university and developing the content and forms of teaching and educational work. We need to hold events that help our future students and their parents assert themselves in the eyes of others.

The pragmatic conclusion for the marketing service of the university is to support the belief of entrants that their chosen popular specialties and educational programs are indeed the most prestigious.

For all other specialties and educational programs (less popular) it is also necessary to focus work mainly not on the possibility of employment, but on the formation of confidence in the community in their prestige. When setting the price for the contract form of education, it is also important to take into account the fact that for «revalued» specialties and educational programs, the price does not play a decisive role for applicants.

The conducted research confirms the relevance of the measures proposed in the author’s work [18]:

  • for higher education institutions: to constantly monitor the assessment of the popularity of specialties and educational and professional programs, based on the results of which to develop strategic and tactical plans for the promotion of certain specialties; use means of communication that are popular among young people; use content that is close to entrants and may interest them; to involve not only professional marketing agencies for the promotion of higher education institutions, specialties and educational-professional programs, but also the students themselves, which will increase the confidence of applicants and may change their attitude to the place and direction of study; to conduct entrant schools with the use of quests, trainings, business simulations in areas that may interest them as much as possible;
  • for public administration: allocate more budget funding for «undervalued» specialties and reduce funding for «overvalued» specialties, which will significantly affect aggregate supply and demand in the labor market; to set higher quantitative competition limits in points for «overestimated» specialties and vice versa for «underestimated» for the period when the labor market will change sectorally from demand-limited to resource-limited for certain specialties.

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