2.1 Quantitative analysis of vacancies by specialties and educational programs in the regional labor market

The analysis of announcements for 2016–2018 and 2021 allowed to summarize the data on the requirements of employers to candidates for the job, given the availability of higher education in general, and special higher education in particular (Table 2.3). From the text of the advertisements, it is usually clear whether the candidate is required to have higher education or not, this can be said with particular confidence if the need for special education is specified. Sometimes the requirement for a candidate to have a higher education stems from the context of the advertisements. It should be clarified that the analyzed tables in the column «Branches of knowledge, groups of specialties, educational programs» do not always give the correct names of specialties, educational programs, as the authors of ads do not always have a valid list of specialties and educational programs. During the analysis of advertisements, where the list of positions is mainly presented, and not the specialty or educational program, the groups of specialties listed were singled out, including in Table 2.3.

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