2.1 Quantitative analysis of vacancies by specialties and educational programs in the regional labor market

An analysis of the 2021 announcements showed that the requirements for personal competencies in specialties and educational programs have remained stable over the last 5–6 years. Their list of specialties and educational programs is presented in the author’s monograph [18].

For example in Table 2.7 the results of the analysis of announcements in 2021 in the specialty «Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities» are provided. In this specialty, employers more strongly require applicants for the job competencies «sociability», «literate written and oral speech», «responsibility» (respectively – 44.2 %; 29.5 %; 25.3 %) than in on average in all specialties (respectively 26.7 %; 14.6 %; 17.6 %). See Table 2.6, 2.7.

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