1.2 Forecasting indicators of the education system of Ukraine

In fact, in addition to these persons, they enter the HEI to obtain a second higher education, to obtain a higher educational degree (educational qualification level) after a break in education, to improve their skills and so on.

The results of the forecast of the number of persons enrolled in the HEIs in the period from 2020 to 2031 using three algorithms are presented in Table 1.5, and the actual data in Table 1.1, column 13.

Actual data on the number of graduates of universities, academies, institutes are given in Table 1.1, column 14, and forecasts are presented in Table 1.9 in column 3. Actual data on the number of persons studying in the HEIs for the period 2014 to 2019 for column 5, Table 1.9 are given in column 15 of Table 1.1.

Calculated number of persons studying at universities, academies, institutes (HEI contingent) column 4 Table 1.9 calculated by the formula:

where CCO(t) – calculated contingent for t = 2015–2019; ANP(t–1) – the actual number of persons who studied in the HEIs in the previous year; AEP(t) – actually enrolled in the HEIs in a certain year; AGP(t) – actually graduated persons from the HEIs.

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